Why Should I Hire A Cat Sitter?

July 04, 2021
Amber Van Denzen
Cat Sitter Pet Sitter

Cat Sitter Pet Sitter

So you have to travel to New York for a business meeting. What about the furry friend that you left at home, back in Lakeland, Fl

Everyone knows that kittens are not the best of travelers. There has to someone who can look after, play, offer food and take care of your cat. And that ‘someone’ is a professional cat sitter.

Hiring a cat sitter in Lakeland, Fl

There are plenty of reasons for investing in a cat sitter. Let’s discover.

Stay tension-free

Cats love to stay, play and rest in their beds. They seem more comfortable when they are around their belongings. 

No need to travel

If your feline hates traveling, then a cat sitter can resolve this issue. You don’t have to force them into the cat carriers and take them for exhausting tours. 


Less travel means less exposure to strange animals. This ensures that your fur baby is safe from different diseases. Cats will have cared for in their homes. 

Full attention

A professional cat sitter will spend quality time with the pet. They will groom, comb, bathe, feed, play, and enjoy with the four-legged animals. Well, they can do anything to please your cat!

Personalized service

A happy cat is a healthy cat. Every cat has different requirements, and our expert staff will ensure that your pet doesn’t feel alone when you are away. Our weekly or daily visits can be customized as per your cat’s needs. 

Convenient for you

There is no stress of carrying a cat on your business or vocational tours, no mess in the car, and no pitiful meowing. You can do all your tasks easily, without the hurry of getting late for home. The cat sitters will take the responsibility to nurture the kittens. 

No need to knock on your neighbor’s door

You have previously been asking for your Lakeland friend’s or neighbour’s help to keep your cat for a few days. What if they refuse to keep the poor animal? Or if they are sick or have toddlers at home (who have allergy issues?)


Having a cat sitter come to your home provides additional security to your home as well. Adding on details such a the pet sitter rotating lights/curtains, bring in mail/packages and taking in and out your trash and recycling drastically reduces the chances of breaks in while you are away.

Ready to book a cat sitter for your Lakeland or Mulberry home? www.AttaBoyAnimalCare.com

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