Why Dog Walking is a Great Way to Stay Healthy + Fit

March 21, 2023
Amber Van Denzen

Dog Walking + Pet ( and their Humans!) Health


Adding play + dog walking to you and your furry best friend schedule makes exercise  easy and such a great bonding experience! We all know that pets love to play, exercise, and run while out- so lets take a page out of their playbook and get some benefits too!

Burns Calories

Whether our pups needs to burn some extra calories, or maybe we do too- playing dog games and dog walking helps to do just that! You can set a distance with your dog and jog or run daily to keep you from flailing. This will increase your quality of life and help your dog become more active and contended.

We love visiting Lake Hollingsworth, Lake Morton, Loyce E Harp Park or Highlands Scrub for some great walking trails that are on- leash dog friendly in Lakeland and Mulberry, Fl

Boosts Confidence + Mental Stimulation

Research shows that animals and humans release endorphins while having a proper workout. This helps us stimulate our minds and body. Going on a walk with your four-legged friend in a park or on the streets enables just that! Your dog will be your training partner and coach all in one. Once you establish a routine, your dog will be so excited to get you outside that they won’t to skip a day!

Low Impact

Walking is an enjoyable low-impact activity you can do anywhere. Over time, it’ll help you strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints. You might even notice that your regular routine is getting easier and decide to stay out longer. How far you walk in a day will depend on your dog’s age and breed. If it is a hot day and you’re going for a long hike, ensure to bring water and a bowl for your dog. Both you and your four-legged friend will get fitter the more you walk.

Now, our schedules or our health sometimes prevent us from doing these things- so if you want a break, or need some help contact Atta Boy! Animal Care Lakeland, Fl to schedule reoccurring dog walks ( or cat walks on leash!

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