Does my Dog/Cat Like to Stay Home?

February 08, 2021
Amber Van Denzen
Your Pet Can Stay Comfortable in Their Own Home

Does my Dog/Cat Like to Stay Home?

Your Pet Can Stay Comfortable in Their Own Home

Pet Care in YOUR Home

At Atta Boy Animal Care pet sitting and dog walking, we offer professional pet care services in YOUR home. And the best part? Your pets start loving their sitters, they are like Best Friends while you are away and reduces stress even more. Do you know why cats and dogs love the company of our pet sitters? Here are a few reasons:

  • Professional Pet Sitters avoid socializing pets with others

All animals have different natures, and they can get anxious when exposed to each other. We do not allow your cat or dog to meet other animals and catch diseases. 

  • We love your pets like our own babies.

Atta Boy! Animal care has policies and safety precautions to ensure that your pet stays happy, and safe while you are away. Your Pet Care Specialist ensures your pets stay comfortable within your house. They start loving their beds, eat from the bowl, and love the surroundings. 

  • Atta Boy! Pet Care Professionals are your pet’s best friends.

Your assigned Sitter will make sure your pets stay on their schedule – food, medications, water and play (of course!) so your pets trust our professional staff members. Your pet won’t miss you when you are away – they are receiving loads of hugs, attention and whatever else they may want

  • Our Cat + Dog Sitters (and other species!) are flexible

We make our pet-human relationship the best it can be- we allow them to sit in our laps, play with their favorite toys, relax + win their trust… or we ignore them and ensure they have the essentials- whatever they want.

  • Staff are trained to follow your pet’s routine.

Every pet has unique traits- some love to eat more, while others prefer play or then a few just want to be ignored/hide. We get to know them and then can customize our schedule according to your pet’s routine, discuss it with you + work differently. You are able to give all information about each pet on your custom client portal 

  • We don’t force your pets to go for long drives.

No more pick up or drop off times, no rushing to the boarding facility to avoid additional fees.  Goodbye to  pet hair or messes in the vehicle. Adios to having to pack pet food, medicine and supplies. We prioritize your pet’s comfort zone and understand that your fur babies may not like traveling. We maximize their time spent at home, play around + have fun. 

Our certified professional pet care providers guarantee the quality time spent with your pets- in a private space- and no sharing attention with other non-family pets. 

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