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Should My Pet Sitter have GPS tracking + Timed Visits?

September 25, 2020
  • What is G

    PS Tracking?

GPS Tracking is when your pet sitter uses an app or online platform ( aka client portal)and uses a feature that will “ding” their phone to log a GPS location when they check in/out of your visits in Lakeland. This provide GPS location that cannot be altered or falsified.

  • Why Is GPS Tracking Important?

There is proof your sitter was there when they said they were and how long they were there for.

  • What is an Un-timed Visit?

An Un-timed cat sitting or dog sitter visit is when a sitter says there is no timing or they stay ‘ as long as necessary for your pets needs’.Pets Needs include the bare basics- food,water, bathroom clean up. A pet visit could easily last 5 minutes or less if they follow that protocol.

  • Why Would a Pet Sitter offer Un-timed visits?

This is a marketing and business strategy that lets them stay at your house as little as possible- and occasionally they will throw in a longer visit. They can fit more clients in on a day.

  • What is a Timed Pet Sit/Dog Sit/Cat Sit Visit?

A timed visit is when a pet sitter or dog walker guarantees a minimum time frame they will be at your house and can prove it through a GPS tracked visit.

  • Why Would I want a Timed Pet Sit Visit?

  1. This guarantees your pet sitter will not RUSH to get the visit done so they can move onto their very booked scheduled.

  2. If your cat or small animal care truly only takes a few minutes- then the remainder of time is spent on complementary home care- like mail, trash/recycling, etc or more quality time getting to know your pet!

  3. This also ensure the pet sitter gives multiple attempts or more time for your dog to go to the bathroom out side.

  4. You get what you pay for!

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