Should My Dog Have Access to an Outdoor Doggy Door in Lakeland, Fl?

September 25, 2020
Amber Van Denzen

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: It is just so much more dangerous. Why?

Predators: Florida Bobcats, Panthers, Raccoons, Fox, Larger Dogs…

Lakeland has all of these predators and it is just NOT safe to allow your pets unsupervised access. Allowing your dog or cat to have access to a door outside to your Lakeland or Mulberry backyard- it just DANGEROUS.

Where there is a will…: I have seen dogs dig 4 ft down, eat through a vinyl fence, and climb over a 6 ft privacy fence. Guess what- it was my OWN, personal dog. Yep, even I tried this method.

And then I saw a clients dog break through a VINYL fence overnight because he got scared- at through the PVC fence one Lakeland Summer nigh- ripped teeth out, ran until he got heat exhaustion, and then died. Yep, not even overexaggerating. It happened.

And then another clients dog after having access to the backyard unsupervised through a doggy dog for YEARS, snuck out. And then they secured it, and he did it again, and again. They had him wear a foam collar around his neck so he couldn’t fit through. Guess what? Broke it off and got through for HOURS while the client was away.

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Should my dog have outdoor access with a doggie door? A common question that we get ask from our clients.

Posted by Atta Boy Animal Care - Pet Sitting + Dog Walking on Friday, September 18, 2020

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