5 Things You Need to Know About Pet Adoptions in Lakeland

December 14, 2020
Amber Van Denzen
Pet Adoption Lakeland, Fl Atta Boy!

Pet Adoption Lakeland, Fl Atta Boy!

Adopting a pet in the Lakeland Fl? Nothing can be more pleasing than a lovely cat or dog waiting at the doorstep with an adorable smile on its face. Atta Boy! Animal Care is there to celebrate such priceless moments with its customers,  and pet adoption is an exciting and joyful experience for the whole family. But there are certain things to consider before welcoming a four-legged pup or feline to your house. 

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1-  Choosing the type of pet + breed

Choosing a cat, dog, or other smaller animal  is not easy. Not all pets breeds have the same energy, grooming, life span, food, housing, medical, exercise and other needs requirements. Based on the specific needs of your breed choice pet owners will determine what you will need to accommodate Some considerations:

  • If you have a fenced in area, or you live in an apartment
  • If you’re lifestyle is more high energy or more ‘Netflix and Chill’
  • If you are comfortable going to the vet for our annual, or going more due to genetics and medical needs
  • If you want to invest in professional grooming every 4-6 weeks, or prefer easier DIY care
  •  Willingness to pay for the size of bedding, crates, toys goes up the bigger the pet gets

PRO TIP: Use these website to help you select the best dog breed for your lifestyle and wants:




2- Patience

Even if your dog is a slow learner or your kitty sleeps on your foot mat, you must be calm and treat them in a positive way. Pets understand the language of love! These pets are going to need 6 months to 1 year to acclimate to their new homes, routines, training and humans. Trust isn’t built in a day, talking time with positive reinforcement, time and LOVE will make all the difference. All of these pets have had some sort of trauma- neglect, abandoned, or worse- remember that .

3- How about pet-proofing the house?

A newly adopted cat or dog in Lakeland, Fl, can graze harmful weeds from the backyard or tear your favorite leather shoes. Pet-proofing the house by hiding and removing stuff can minimize the risk for your cat or dog.  Be sure to:

  • Pick up anything a pet may want to eat- like legos.
  • Have a secure trash can.
  • Have a least 1 litter box per cat in the home
  • Ensure all cages/enclosure are secured properly.
  • That the proper temperature, filters, water, and food are accessible
  • Store any medications or vitamins away from pet paws.
  • Establish their feeding, and potty routines from day 1.

Quick Tip: Never leave your sandwich or meal on the countertop. Your cat or dog may be hungery- and it will be gone quicker then you think!

4-Socializing pets

A dog or cat is not ready to meet new friends, especially in the first week of adoption. The best alternative is pet toys and exposing them to new environments. Interaction with other pets or human beings is a slow process, and you must keep that in mind! Give them time to get used to YOUR family first, and THEN start taking longer walks around the neighborhood, then local on leash areas.  Hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker to have a great play/exercise/walk session if you are away from the day to help is also an option.

PRO TIP: Exposing your pets to more humans, is the best thing! They need to know many looks, sizes, and smells are SAFE. How do you do that? Invite friends over, take them to the Downtown Lakeland farmers market, Go on a hike at Loyce E Harp Park, or Highlands Scrub.

5-Are you ready?

For a successful experience, all family members should be ready to accept the animal behavior and use positive reinforcement to reform the dog’s mistakes.

Things that require special attention include:

  • Exercise and Training
  • Playtime
  • Daily meals (both time and place)
  • Healthcare (skin, teeth, eyes, ears, tail)
  • Water requirements
  • Veterinary check-ups
  • Treatment for diseases
  • Bathing, cleaning, brushing (overall grooming)
  • Pet Waste removal and disposal

Best wishes for the new journey with your babies! If you have any questions related to pet adoption in Lakeland and Mulberry feel free to contact the team at Atta Boy! Animal Care -863.774.PETS(7387)

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