How Much Water Should My Dog/Cat Drink for their Pet Health?

June 15, 2022
Amber Van Denzen
Dog Drinking Water Pet Sitter

How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer?

Dog Drinking Water Pet Sitter

Atta Boy! Animal Care
LKLD, Lakeland, Mulberry, Fl

Avoid short term and long term, chronic dehydration is critical for your pets health. Here are a few tips on ways to increase your pets water intake by paying attention to your dog water bowl, cat water fountain + more! PRO TIP: Pets should drink 1 oz of water per pound they weigh daily approximately.

Take A Water Supply When Outside

Purchase a collapsible bowl (HERE*)  so you can pour some water in wherever you go for your pup- whethere Loyce E Harp  DIOGI Dog Park or Dog Leg Woods

If they have access to the porch – be sure to put a bowl of water in any area they may have access to that is HOT.

Wet Food Is A Great Idea!

  To avoid the higher fat content of most commercial pre-made wet foods- a simple trick is to JUST ADD WATER to your pets dry food- its becomes a soup they will love (and it keeps them hydrated!)

Going away for a few days? Hire a pet sitter to refresh that wet food once or twice a day to keep your pets routine + health while you are away!

Freshwater Everywhere- Dog Water Bowl + Cat Fountain

Have multiple water fountains/bowls for cats and dogs in all corners of the house will remind your pets to drink water when needed. These water stations will easy access and great reminders for them to drink. be sure to WASH DAILY to avoid growth of Biofilm. Biofilm can lead to mouth and heart disease- so wash those bowls. 

Cats also hate stale water- microscopic dust and dander get into the water, and a cat will drink less when present. These are things our human eyes cant see- so just dump and refill daily.

Ice Cubes

Plain, water Ice Cubes are a great treat alternative, are fun to crunch on and virtually FREE. Plus, they help to meet the daily water requirements for your pets ( which is 1 oz per pound of body weight approximately!) . You can throw them outside to melt and eat or put in your dog water bowl or cat fountain for them to fish out.

Frozen peas, carrots or blueberries serve as fun flavored icy treat as well. Have you tried that before?

Hydrate During Exercise

A dog loses a lot of water during its training hours. You must replenish their water level every 10-15 minutes of play. Let their breath come to rest, and then offer water in small quantities to avoid upset stomachs and potentially Bloat/GDV. 

Symptoms of Dehydration In Cats + Dogs

The following activities prove that there is an excessive loss of water from your dog +cat bodies:

  • Dizziness and Fatigue 
  • Panting 
  • High temperature 
  • Sticky saliva


More Veterinary Info:


Let us know which one you tried in the comments below!

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