Hiking + Suburban Adventures

Trails + Lake Adventures!

1.5 hour adventure – $100

:::: Whether you want your pup to have adventures in nature or around suburban spots like Lake Hollingsworth or Downtown- Lakeland’s rich wildlife and scenery also provide dogs with opportunities to explore their senses and engage their instincts, making each hike a memorable adventure. In Florida, dog adventures are not just a recreational activity; it’s a way to celebrate the joys of outdoor living in the heart of the Sunshine State! Up to TWO dogs included. Some locations offer additional add-on opportunities

Adventure Location Options:

  • Highland Scrubs- 540A Lakeland, Fl 
  • Loyce E Harp Park – Cater Road Mulberry, Fl
  • Lake Hollingsworth Lakeland, Fl
  • Lake Morton Lakeland, Fl
  • Downtown Lakeland + Munn Park Lakeland, Fl
  • Bonnet Springs Park, Lakeland, Fl

Locations with Add-On Options (+$$ at cost):

  • The Juice Box Lakeland:  Pup Bowl
  • Coffee Shop HappyFastDelicious / Starbucks:  Pup Cup + Human Drink
  • Lucky Puppies:  DIY Custom Treat Baggie
  • The Doggie Bag:  Toy of Choice




Our Adventure Services are PAW-some for…


High Energy

Hiking is the perfect activity for high-energy dogs, as it allows them to expend their boundless energy while exploring nature, which also can keep them physically fit

Long Vacations

Mental Stimulation

 Diverse scents, sounds, and sights of nature engage their senses, promoting cognitive development and help prevent boredom.

Business Trips


Provides the opportunity to capture unforgettable moments through photos, creating lasting memories of their adventures in the great outdoors..



Conquering new trails and challenges helps build + boost your dog’s self-assurance in various environments.

Benefits of Adding Adventures to your Dogs Day

Updates Throughout the Day

Update after Adventure is Done

Get an update after each visit via email. These updates will include pets eating and bathroom habits, home care plus pictures of your pets ( if they are being photogenic, of course!)

GPS Tracked + Monitored Visits

GPS Tracked + Monitored Visits

Every visit is GPS tracked on the back end to ensure sitters are there for the full time they are supposed to be and GPS indicates check-in /check out locations. A full-time staff person reviews the schedule to ensure visits are on time, quality controlled and never missed.

Keep their Routine

Check off that Bucket List Item!

We know you want to do ALL the things with your dog, but sometimes human obligations get in the way. Let us take your pup to those Photo-worthy locations while you are doing what you need to do to provide for their best Doggy Life!

Pet Parent Recommended

Reduction of Difficult Behaviors

Does your dog whine for your attention, bark at the window, dig in the backyard, jump, etc? Channeling their energy into positive activities, promoting a sense of fulfillment, and ultimately can help reduce anxiety and destructive tendencies.

Home + Plant Care Included!

Mental Stimulation

Dogs that are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds and smells outside of their home and backyard have a better life,  healthier minds + bodies, plus it’s just FUN!

Community Involvement

All Inclusive!

We will safely transport your pups, provide water as needed, have emergency first aid kit available and take tons of great photos during the whole adventure!

Hiking Adventures Rates

Packages available!

$100any 1 location listed!

1.5 hour adventure

  • Water + Treats
  • Photo Updates
  • Great Excercise
  • Mental Stimulation

$200any 2-3 locations listed!

3 hour adventure

  • Water + Treats
  • Photo Updates
  • Great Excercise
  • Mental Stimulation