Finding A FURever Home

September 24, 2020
Amber Van Denzen

Fostering or Adopting a pet from a Lakeland Pet Rescue can provide them a home either during transition or FUR-ever.

Here is what you need to know if your considering this:

  1. Do your Homework

When choosing what Lakeland, Mulberry or Plant City pet rescue shelter you will volunteer with as a Foster Home or adopt from matters! Not all are created equally. Ask what is included when you are adopting or foster for the pet. Many pets will be spayed/neutered/medically taken care of/ vaccines – others, not always. Be sure to confirm what expenses you will be responsible for.

As a foster home- many shelters may provide the food, litter, toys or other care items as well!

2. You Can be Picky

Not all pets and their needs are created equally- be sure to choose a animal or breed that you know you can accommodate their needs- exercise level, energy level, medications administration and more. Rescues want to ensure the match will be successful- never be pressured into taking in the pet that may not be a good fit. Ask if the pet is comfortable or have been exposed to other animals that are in your home. Do always choose the first pet you see!

3. Question the What-If’s

Ask rescues like Zelda’s K9 rescue, Polk County Animal Services, Raining Cats + Dogs or SPCA Florida why the pet came into the shelter ( if they know), how long they they need you to foster, or how long the pet has been in the shelter if adopting. Ask them what type of trauma the pet may have been exposed to.

If fostering: ask what happens if you need to go on vacation- do they cover pet care – such as a pet sitter? or is that your responsibility.

4. How to Say Goodbye… or Hello!

The “Foster Failure” -sometimes you may be, what they call, a ” Foster Failure” Where you end up falling in love with the pet and adopting the best Lakeland dog or best Lakeland cat you could ever imagine! Ask the rescue what fees there will be for that and make sure your home is the best option. Ensure the dog, cat or small animal has all their vaccines, microchip, and medical care needs are finalized.

Remember to establish your pet with your local veterinarian to continue their medical care and plan for their annual vaccines and exam ( and budget appropriately!)

You have to consider and have a hard conversation with your family that if you keep this pet – you may no longer be able to foster another pet-based off of space, financial resources and needs. So before making that decision- consider you main goal- to save 1 pet- or help many. Either option is OKAY.

If Adopting out your foster to another family through the rescue you volunteer with- be sure to keep pictures in a memory book to remember all the lives you helped transition into their FUR-ever home and be proud of what you did!

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