Fido or Escaping Master? Why do dogs escape?

April 23, 2021
Amber Van Denzen

Fido or Escaping Master? Why do dogs escape?

Imagine you are busy with some house chores while your canine friend is playing in the backyard. Your dog barks every now and then, but, all of a sudden, the sound becomes faint. You go outside and witness something you never expected. 

Yes! You guessed it right. The talented Fido has managed to escape for the third time… luckily, your neighbor helped him bring it back to you. 

Well, why did he escape? What is the reason behind an escaping dog? We have the solution to this problem. 

Why do dogs escape?

Roaming is every dog’s favorite habit. But there are different reasons for that:

Guarding nature

If a dog notices strange dogs or intruders approaching its owner’s house, it might jump out of the fence or start barking at them. This activity is commonly associated with guard dogs. Don’t worry; they are protecting their territory. 


You can’t just leave your dogs to play alone. They need your company, and if they find themselves alone, dogs might plan a hang out in search of their owners. If you have an emergency, make sure someone keeps an eye on the pets or don’t leave them for too long. 

The dog has a girlfriend/boyfriend

The smell of love is the strongest of all. An unspayed female dog on heat is easily attracted towards male partners. Dogs often run out of their homes to find their mating companions. 

Fun activities

Sometimes the dogs get too engrossed playing with the ball or finding the hidden treats that they unconsciously jump the fence. It might be a funny experience for them, but the owners will get in trouble. 


If your dog is always in search of birds and small animals, beware of his escape plan. Dogs often love chasing squirrels or other birds, especially when they are in the park. During their quest for the little creatures, dogs often go off-track, and you might end up complaining about a lost pet. So if your hunter is too agile to run away, keep him in your observation.

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