Mobile Dog Gym Treadmills

Dog Treadmills Workouts in Lakeland

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   –   Dogs use a non motorized Slatmill that is powered by their own movements to exercise, enhance strength + stamina, help with weight loss journeys and provide mental stimulation in our CLIMATE CONTROLLED Shuttle Bus!

We are the Original Mobile Dog Gym in Polk County that comes directly to you  with low-resistance low-impact manual treadmills, and professional Pet Gym . We provide a safe and exciting exercise experience for your dog- out of the Florida weather elements! We have Veterinary Professionals with extensive training on muscle and exercise safety and gait pattern recognition for the safety, and health for your pet.

Find our Mobile Dog Gym at local pet friendly locations, or we come to your home!

  • Includes fun photos and videos of your dog in action.

  • Dogs must be over 6 months old for bone, tendon and muscle growth safety
  • Dogs must be between 20-100 lbs approximately *
  • Dogs must have a stable health history
  • Dogs with congestive heart issues are not qualified to exercise 
  • Dog must be friendly with no bite or aggression history**
  • We log every mile your dog runs. Earn amazing milestone rewards!

*For our smaller dogs that are between 5-20 pounds we do offer electric treadmill services- must have access electric hookup from parked location of the shuttle bus.

 ** Dog that are professionally trained working dogs, guard or bite dogs- are okay with handler present

First Trial Session:

$25 at one of our scheduled public locations 

$45 at your home


Community Hub Locations Monthly on Wednesdays, Thursdays + Sundays:

1st Wednesday: Polk County Bully Project Lakeland, Florida

1st Thursday: Tangled Tails Pet Spa Mulberry, Florida + Lucky Puppies  Lakeland, Florida

1st Sunday: COMING SOON!


2nd Wednesday: SPCA Lakeland, Florida

2nd Thursday: Doggie Bag Lakeland, Florida 

2nd Sunday: COMING SOON!


3rd Wednesday: COMING SOON!

3rd Thursday: John k9 Plant City, Florida

3rd Sunday: COMING SOON!


4th Wednesday: SPCA Lakeland, Florida

4th Thursday: Lucky Puppies Lakeland, Florida

4th Sunday: COMING SOON!


Private Events , Community Events + Pet Facilities

Are you a local Boarding, Daycare, Training or Veterinary Facility in Lakeland, Mulberry, Bartow or Plant City Florida? Are you an Events coordinator or other local business that is interested in hosting a Gym Session for your clients, dog friends, dog birthday party or other? Contact us for hourly and event rates- starting at $75/hr!

Facility Guide – COMING SOON!

Event + Community Guide – COMING SOON!



Our Mobile Dog Gym is PAW-fect for…


Weight Loss

For pets that need exercise but  they (or their humans) cannot handle the Lakeland heat or need more monitored distance and calories burned.



Do you have a dog breed that has a more flat facial features that can cause difficultly breathing+ cooling down? Our air controlled environment is a great exercise option!

Parties + Gatherings

Long Runs

For dogs that want + need LONG amounts of exercise- it is possible to get multiple miles in within one session.

Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

Safety + Comfort

Safety + Comfort

All equipment is double checked to ensure pets safety + comfort throughout the experience!



We know life can change- and we factor that into our time slots available and locations!

Professional Attendants

Professional Attendants

Background screened, Trained and Reliable pet gym humans to give you peace of mind!

All Inclusive!

All Inclusive!

We care for all types of pets, people, and personalities!

Mobile Dog Gym Treadmills Rates

Choose your location- public or at your home to see rates!

$150/3 sessions

1/2 hour Public Session

  • $50/gym session
  • Photo Updates
  • Great Excercise
  • Mental Stimulation

$270/6 sessions

1/2 hour Public Session

  • $45/gym session
  • Photo Updates
  • Great Excercise
  • Mental Stimulation

$360/9 sessions

1/2 hour Public Session

  • $40/gym session
  • Photo Updates
  • Great Excercise
  • Mental Stimulation