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Dog Dental Care Tips!

September 24, 2020
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Posted by Atta Boy Animal Care – Pet Sitting + Dog Walking on Thursday, February 27, 2020


  • Dog Enzyme Toothpaste + Dog ( or Human!) Toothbrush

  • Water Enzyme Additives

  • Enzyme Dental Sprays or Gels

  • Dental Treats with Enzyme or Manual Action

  • ** Dental Toys- forgot to mention- has Enzyme in the product or just manual bumps to rub on teeth and gums

Professional Dental Care:

  • Anesthesia Based Dental

  1. Performed in a Veterinary Office

  2. Higher Price ( average over $200)

  3. Better Quality

  4. Only Option for pets having infections, needing extractions, grade 3-4 periodontal disease

Call your local veterinarian in Lakeland, Florida to find out their process, procedure, pricing and more!

  • Anesthesia-Free Dental

  1. Performed in a Van, Building or at your Home ( Bensons Canine Cookies or Doggie Bag Boutique host one!)

  2. Lower Price ( Under $200)

  3. Lower Quality compared to Anesthesia type but better then just at home care!

  4. Potential Alternative for pets that have lower level dental needs, maintenance or are unable to go under anesthesia

Many local stores in Lakeland and Mulberry, Florida have these products available or they are for purchases online – like Amazon.

We would love to be your go-to best dog sitter or cat sitter or any other pet in between!

Call Us for your Pet Sitting + Dog Walking needs today! 863.774.PETS or fill out a CONTACT US form to apply to be a client.

By Amber

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