Dog-gone Daylight Saving

October 26, 2022
Amber Van Denzen
Daylight Savings

Dog-gone Daylight Saving

Spring Ahead, Fall BARK! It’s Dog-gone Florida Daylight Savings Time!

It’s that time where we humans get an extra hour of sleep if we are lucky- unless our cat wakes us up meowing for breakfast, or your pup is whining to go outside on Nov 2nd for Daylight Saving Time. If your even luckier, you can just be that PAW-rent thats’ circadian rhythms overrides our  cellphone or Alexa clocks and gets  up at the crack of dawn as usual. Although, in the 21st century our flip of a light switch has an influence over our schedule, just as much as the natural light from the rising sun.

But what about our PETS? Do they care or are affected by Daylight Savings TIme?

Well, since daylight savings time is a human creation we have no way of explaining that to our pets. When we suddenly shift feeding times + potty break schedules by an hour, it can be rough on our four-legged friends.  Many cats and dogs can adjust with little or no signs of stress, but for some, it could lead to accidents in the house or even an upset stomach. So, lets keep that stress down for all and ensure a successful transition for us humans with coffee, and for our pets schedule by following these few steps:

Don’t FUR-get Feeding Time during Daylight Savings

  • In the 12-14 days leading up to the end of Daylight Saving Time, adjust their schedule by 5 minutes at a time.
    • Feed your pet their meals a bit later in weeks leading up to the time change so they can acclimate gradually.
  • Some experts recommend feeding your pet regardless of the time change.
    • Example: 6pm in the spring, at 5pm in the fall.
  • Ensure you update any automatic feeders * to feed slightly later by 5 minutes later each day starting at 2 weeks prior, so when the day comes- there is no major stress.
  • Hire a Pet Sitter to come at the times you can’t to ensure their routine stays the same!

Keep a PURR-fect Potty Time

  • Run a short, few-minutes errand or two before you get home from work so your pets acclimate to you arriving when the sun is down and their potty break being a bit later.
  • Consider hiring a professional pet sitter or dog walker. Some pets become lonely when their owner begins leaving earlier or coming home an hour later. Having a pet sitter or dog walker stop by to spend time with your dog or cat may prevent anxiety or some bad choices that involve trash cans, walls or worse.

 Add a Bone to Help Curb their Appi-TREAT!

(Better throw in a few extra ear scratches and snuggles, too)

  • Providing them a small treat at their traditional time to help curb their appetite, or even a quarter of their meal will help with their growling tummies.

Most of all, pay extra attention to your dog’s needs during this transition. It is important to offer them extra comfort if they show signs of anxiety, stress or causing extra stress on you too. Breath in some puppy breath, cuddle with your kitty and take this time to adjust and enjoy the cooler weather and FALL BACK into your couch for some one on one time together paw in hand.


Amber Van Denzen Suarez is the Founder of Atta Boy! Animal Care, and Pet Sitter CEO YouTube channel. A dually certified Professional Pet Sitter, retired Veterinary Nurse of 13 years, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences. She lives with her 2 dogs, 15 chickens, 3 fish aquariums, and 2 hermit crabs with her human family in Central Florida. Amber Van Denzen, CPPS Atta Boy! Animal Care

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