Choosing an Alarm Code, Door Code or Garage Door Code for a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

June 01, 2023
Amber Van Denzen


Choosing an Alarm Code,  Digital Keypad Code for a Garage Door or Coded Door for your Pet Sitter + Dog Walker

Surprise! Using a Garage Door Code or Digital Lock code for doors is now the most common way of entering a pet owners home for pet sitting, dog walking, cat care or other pet services  ( the second most common being lockboxes!) in Lakeland, Florida and most other States.
Now, we all have heard stories about how bad guys can use these to enter homes. But, lets be honest- it is easier to break a home window than figure out a code. Plus, there are many more BENEFITS to using these access ways then traditional keys.

Types of Door Codes, Lockboxes and Alarms

There are many easy to install options on the market today- so make the best choice for your home! All have a Passcode as a security level, as people who enter the wrong code will be denied entry into the home.

Door Codes / Digital Door Locks

How they Work:

The door opens when the code is entered and many can be programmed to automatically lock again when closed.

  •  Security code consists typically of 4 digits, and when combined numbers from 0 to 9, there will be 10,000 possible combinations.


How they Work:

  • Most Lockboxes either used a turnstile number or letter system or buttons with numbers and letters with a various amount you must choose from to make a combination code for entry similar to Digital Locks mentioned above. Typically, only one code is able to be created.

Alarm Codes

How they Work:

  • Many alarm system allow for multiple code assignments for each professional or person. This is a great way to monitor who is entering and leaving them home.
  • PRO TIP: alarm systems for monitoring timing purposes of people visiting are not always accurate if owner has not updated clock.

Choosing a strong digital keypad code

Here are some of the tips to choose a secure code that is difficult to crack:

Pick a random but easy to remember code

  • Create a combination that is original but difficult to remember will serve no purpose.
  • Avoid using a code that can be guessed easily, or having any connection to your life. Examples include: anniversary, birthdates, street number, year of birth, or other important life dates.

Avoid commonly used codes

  • The topmost commonly used codes, according to a study, are 1234,, 6789, 1111, 0000, 1212, and 7777.
  • Do not use your house number, phone number, birthday or social security numbers, sequential numbers, default pins,or  patterns like the numbers on the four corners of the device

Frequently Update the Code

  • Update the code at least twice per year
  • People that have access to the codes may write them down or share them which causes dangers
  • If a re-used code from another platform of use- if it gets compromised, so does your house
  • Staff from companies may change, and old employees may make bad choices

Use Different Codes for Different Users, if Possible.

  • Assign each professional individual codes, and try to keep them short and simple- these may be even themed from words related to that profession or person..
  • Never re-use pin, voicemail, or phone passwords as the passcode for home codes.

Are you ready to book your pet care? Atta Boy! Animal Care Lakeland + Mulberry Fl  has a secured system to house all clients private data included coded doors, lockboxes and alarm codes.

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