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Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting in Their Home


As Low as $26/day

  Most cats do better within the comfort of their own home- with their favorite toys, spots, and even litter box. Your cat’s experience while you are away will be a relaxed and enjoyable alternative to a boarding or kennel facility. Our Cat Sitter service is designed to give you the highest level of peace of mind for you + your feline family.

  Your kitty deserves the care you provide them daily, even while you are away. Daily check in’s are essential due to your kitties curious nature- accidents can happen- and we want to be able to help avoid no water, no food, litter box accidents or your pets stuck in places they should not be while you are away.

Pet sitting visits are customized to best suit your pets, your instructions, wants + pets needs.

We do not charge extra per pet!

Pricing is based on 1-4 visits per day within our 4 flexible time windows. Customized schedules including additional visits or specific times can be accommodated – contact us for a customized quote.

Visits Options Included:

  • feeding + water care: custom diet care, treats, refresh of water, medication, etc
  • litter + box care: refilling, clean up, maintenance, etc
  • pet clean up + maintenance: hair balls, vomit, hair, blankets, cleanliness, etc
  • companionship + love: cuddle, conversation, music, etc
  • mental + physical exercise: supervised porch time, toys, lasers, catnip, etc
  • home care + security: trash, mail/packages, lights/curtain rotations, plant care, etc

Our Cat Sitting Services are PURR-fect for…

Multi Cat Families

For families that have more than one cat- we do not charge per pet, so our cat sitter care is the most economical and easier for you!
scardy kitties

Scardy Kitties

Have a kitty that just wants to stay in their favorite hiding spot? Let us come to them!
Extra Safety + Security

Extra Safety + Security

Your home will looked more lived in with rotation of lights and curtains, a vehicle coming and going and a human present more often.  All Atta Boy! Staff are covered under our bonding + insurance and have over 13 hours of pet care certifications.

Litter Box Care

Litter Box Care

Unable or cannot care for the litter box? Excellent option for pregnancy to avoid exposure to Toxoplasmosis. Let us do weekly maintenance or a full clean out for you!

Pet Sitting Rates

Please choose the appropriate timed visit options to reflect your home + pets needs – visits types are fully customizable.

  • All visits include pet care, home care services and medications as needed for No additional fees.
  • Visit pricing is based on 1-4 visits a day completed in our flexible time windows in the Mornings, Afternoons, and Evenings. 
  • Pricing only changes:
    • Premium Peak Times (+$10/visit)
    • 5+ visits a day (+$10/visit)
    • Specific time window requests  ( +$10/visit)
    • Last Minute Requests <48 hrs prior to first visit (+ $10)
  • GPS tracked + time visits with updates and pictures after each visit included at no additional charge!
  • Cats and small animals require minimum 1 visit per 24 hours (1 day). Dogs and larger animals require minimum 2 visits per 24 hours (1 day)

 Please Review our FAQ page for more information.

V.I.P Package:

 2 Visits/Day for 30 minutes-  only $52* day for unlimited pets

A La Carte:


Epic Visit1 hour visit $52* unlimited pets- any species

Perfect Visit30 minute visit $26* unlimited pets – any species

Wowsa Visit– 1.5 hour visit- $78* unlimited pets – any species

Absolute Visit – 2 hour visit $104* unlimited pets- any species

*Please see our FAQ page regarding Premium Peak Time fees and booking fees


Benefits of Our Cat Sitting Services

Reduce Separation Anxiety + Boredom

Reduce Separation Anxiety + Boredom

Daily play and interaction will help your cats enjoy their day more. We can include a play session with their favorite toys, supervised screen patio time or even some good ol’ catnip!

Updates Throughout the Day

Updates Throughout the Day

Get an update after each visit via email. These updates will include pets eating and bathroom habits, home care plus pictures of your pets (if they are being photogenic, of course!)

GPS Tracked + Monitored Visits

GPS Tracked + Monitored Visits

Every visit is GPS tracked on the back end to ensure sitters are there for the full time they are supposed to be and GPS indicates check-in /check out locations. A full-time staff person reviews the schedule to ensure visits are on time, quality controlled and never missed.

Keep their Routine

Keep their Routine

Ensure less anxiety for your pets! In YOUR home pet care allows your pets to have their favorite toys, bedding and smells while you are away. Strict Diet- no accidental wrong foods/treats given this way! Your home will have spa-like tranquillity versus other boarding/kennel facilities with their loud noises, tons of cleaning and other pet smells.

Decreased Exposure to  Parasites + Diseases

Decreased Exposure to Parasites + Diseases

Pets that get to stay in their own homes have a decreased exposure to common pet parasites (like worms, fleas + ticks! ) and easily transferable pet diseases.

Home + Plant Care Included!

Home + Plant Care Included!

Included in each visit is a multi-point home check, plant care, trash/recycling, rotation of lights/curtains for security purposes and any other custom home care request ( just ask!)

No Travel Trauma

No Travel Trauma

If you have pets that do not enjoy the car ride- or you don’t enjoy what they leave behind in your vehicle ( hair!) avoid that all together by keeping them at home!

Daily Safety Check

Daily Safety Check

Your kitties curiosity can lead to accidents- that if not checked on daily can be very dangerous! Avoid them getting locked in a closet, water or food tipping over, litter box accidents and more by scheduling daily check in’s!