Cat Hairballs

September 24, 2020
Amber Van Denzen

Cat Hairballs!

Yes, It is NORMAL!

…for a cat to “upchuck” a hairball once every week or two, and that’s nothing to worry about.

When felines groom themselves ( which is a majority of the day as we cat parents well know!) the barbs on their tongue collect the excess hair and they end up swallowing it. If in excess due to longer hair, or for other reasons- it can start to collect in their stomach and not be fully processed. The cat will then eventually vomit up a small pickle size amount of hair- that should have no major foul smell and be the same color as their fur up to 2 times a week.

But, things can take a turn for the worse- especially if your cat is known ( or secretly!) eats other small items around the house. That hair plus other foreign objects can cause life threatening blockages that can result in required surgery or even… death.

We once saw a cat at an Veterinary Clinic in Lakeland, Florida, where I worked at, have to have emergency surgery because an x-ray revealed a huge mass of unknown objects- it ended up being a large fur ball- but mixed with human hair ties! When the hair mixed with the ties- it made it impossible for the cat to either vomit it up or keep processing it to feces.


1.Human brushing them at home- ideally daily for just a few minutes!

2.Shed reduction shampoo or wet wipes

3. Hire a professional cat groomer in Lakeland, Florida

  • List of Groomers in Lakeland +Mulberry, Florida:

4. A hairball control type commercial food- has increased fiber.

5. A hairball control type gel- has an oil based usually to help move

We love tuna flavored version ( pro tip!- this is the EXACT same thing that you would get from a Veterinarian!) :

Be sure to mention to your cat sitter- like Atta Boy! Animal Care- your pet is prone to hairballs or is on a special diet or gel that needs to be used while you are away.

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