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Ask a Vet Tech Series: FVRCP Cat Vaccine

September 25, 2020


Ask A Veterinary Nurse Series:
What is the FVRCP vaccine for cats and do they need it?
Big Facts:
  • Comes in a 1 year or 3 year vaccine
  • Most Cats need the 1 year vaccine for 3 years, and then a Local Lakeland or Mulberry Vet will offer a 3 year- but it is a case, by case situation and a Veterinarians choice., shared food + water bowls
  • F-feline ( aka a cat!)
  • V: Viral ( aka all of these are a VIRUS)
  • R-rhinotracheitis Virus:is spread in the saliva, nasal and eye discharge and fomites ( objects or items that can carry – clothing, etc)
  • C-calicivirus : is spread in the saliva, nasal and eye discharge.
  • P-panleukopenia Virus: spread in the feces, urine, blood, saliva and nasal discharge- and items such as water and food bowls, clothing, etc
All of these have no cure, but secondary symptoms and infections can be controlled by a trained Veterinary Professional to help with potential survival rate.
Disclaimer: I am not a Veterinarian. I was a Veterinary Technician and worked in the Veterinary Field from 2005-2018 in General Practices and Emergency in multiple cities throughout Florida and have an Animal Science Degree from the University of Florida.
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Ask A Vet Tech Series: FVRCP Vaccine for Cats

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By Amber

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