How Long Does a Dog Remember a Pet Sitters Scent?

September 25, 2020
Amber Van Denzen

How Long Does a Dog Remember Your Scent?

We have many people ask this because they want to make sure their dog remembers their Pet Sitter after the initial Meet + Greet.

Good News!

Dogs have an extremely complex smell ability.Dogs will remember a human days, weeks, months or even YEARS. When a pup combines their ability to remember scents, facial recognition, and voice recognition- even after one meeting- it is quite extensive.

We have clients that only book every 6 months- and those pups are SO happy to see their pet sitter.

…and dogs can recognize human scent the minute you walk in to the door- no need to offer your hand!

Our sitters tend to say “Hello” in a happy voice as soon as they enter- and that combined with previous scent- your pup will be quite comfortable ( even if they have a facial mask on or off!)

Want to get on-boarded and ready for your next night away, long work day or weekend trip? Get started today:

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