Pet Sitters Could be the Key in Reducing Separation Anxiety Post Quarantine

September 24, 2020
Amber Van Denzen

Experts are warning pet owners that going back to work after stay at home orders/ shut down/quarantine could result in new or increased separation anxiety for their pets, start your search now for professional pet sitting, dog walking, cat sitting or other pet care services

Pets that have become acclimated to their owners being home more often can become very upset, scared, worried and stressed ( especially if they were previously or recently a rescue/adopted!) as they may have abandonment feelings, boredom and just feel, plain ol’ LONEY!

PSI, Pet Sitters International, -the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters ( yes, Atta Boy! Animal Care Pet Sitting + Dog Walking Lakeland, Florida has been a member since 2013!), is reminding pet owners that professional pet sitters will be available to check in on their pets during the day, whether they need dog walks, kitty enrichment ( aka play, toys, brushing or even cat nip!) visits, potty breaks for new puppies and new dog rescues , or other pet-care services- such as upcoming weekends away or planning visits for later this year.

“Many pets have gotten used to the constant presence of their owners at home during this pandemic and may have trouble adjusting when their parents return to the office or begin traveling again,” said Beth Stultz-Hairston, president of PSI.

Professional dog sitting and cat sitting services are available to ensure that pets get the playtime and enrichment they need to decrease or avoid stress and prevent destructive behaviors. Plus, you get pictures of your pets while away!

With so many pet care options in the market now, it’s more important than ever that pet owners devote time to finding the perfect local professional pet-sitting business and avoid App based companies from out of state that have no one overseeing or regulation the quality of care of the pet care occurring. Don’t let just anyone who has a nice picture and some words care for your pets. Look for training and expertise in the field. Not all pet sitters are created equally. Look for a Pet Sitter local to Lakeland, or Mulberry if in that area of Florida to find the BEST PET SITTER for you and your pet family.

To have peace of mind make sure the company you choose has more then one staff person. What happens to your pets in their care if something happens to the humans that is supposed to care for them?

We here at Atta Boy! have over 10 staff persons – to ensure no matter what- your pet WILL be cared for. We also have a dedicated staff person to ensure quality and confirmation those visits are happening when they are supposed to- no accidental misses or ” I forgots!”

Hiring professional services from a local licensed, bonded, and insured pet sitting, dog sitting, cat sitting ( or whatever you want to call it!) business do your part in boosting your local economy by supporting a local business. Atta Boy! locally has donated to local shelters, Girl Scouts, horse rescues, basketball teams and more!

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