$10 DIY Pet First Aid Kit

March 31, 2022
Amber Van Denzen

$10 DIY Pet First Aid Kit

As a Veterinary Technician for 13 years and a majority of that in the Emergency field- I have seen it all. Including pets being rushed into a clinic due to an emergency from pet parents that didn’t get basic first aide prior, or used not the best materials to cover wounds- like Duck Tape. I mean, I won’t lie, it works- but it’s so hard to get off! This could easily be not an issue if every pet owner had a Pet First Aid Kit at home or during travel and trips.

When researching the available Pet First Aid Kits online for my own personal pets I had a few issues:

  1. Too Bulky to Carry Easily in a Fanny Pack
  2.  Not the Right Supplies ( I swear one had human band aides in it!)
  3. Cheap Supplies that wouldn’t work during the time of need the best
  4. Not Enough or Too Many Supplies
  5. Overpriced for the Supplies provided.

So, after weighing the time it would take to find, purchase and assemble our own vs buying and editing a premade one- we opted to create our own. We bough bulk supplies and decided to make Pet First Aid Kits some for friends and family that have pets as holiday or pet birthday gifts!

Take this list of supplies and cost breakdown to create your own DIY Pet First Aid Kit for less then $10!

The Container/Bag

I wanted a plastic type bag to help avoid any water or humidity damage. I also wanted something that was more flexible so it could be shoved into a bag as small as a fanny pack. Ultimately, I chose a clear plastic bag that was encased in red (because First Aide= red in my brain!). These bags easily fit everything I wanted, and has more room if I ever want to add anything.

Cost:$1.25 each.

PRO TIP: Go to the actual store to purchase or you will get black and red mix if you purchase in bulk on their website.

Link: Clear and Red First Aid Zipper Bag- Dollar Tree


Triple Antibiotic

This medication is used to prevent and treat minor skin infections caused by small cuts, scrapes, or burns. It is available without a prescription for self-medication.  Triple Antibiotic contains three main ingredients: bacitracin, neomycin, and polymyxin B- thus the name TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC.

Cost: 24 individual use packs for  $5.25. Only 22 cents each!

Link: Triple Antibiotic Individually Wrapped- Amazon

Styptic Powder for Pet First Aid

Styptic powder is an antiseptic clotting agent that is made of of alum, the powder stops bleeding by contracting the blood vessels. Usually used for too short clipped nails, small scrapes and cuts. Don’t use in deep wounds, body cavities, or burns.

Cost: $8.50 for powder. Then, buy mini containers and fill container- can make 20+ mini containers ( 8 pack for $1.25 at Dollar Tree) 16 cents per container + 50 cents for powder per container= around 66 cents per container


Powder- Amazon

Mini 1 inch Containers- Dollar Tree

Alcohol Pads

Each pad is saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and helps kill the germs in the area surrounding the wound or on your hands when handling one. Each wipe is individually packaged, and they do a great job of cleansing and preventing infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. Be warned though- it stings!

Cost: $1.25 for 100 so less then 2 cents each!

Link: Alcohol Prep Pads Individually Wrapped- Dollar Tree

Human First Aid Mini Kit

What I like about this tiny pocket-sized kit is that it has a little of everything and can double as your humans first aid kit too- Band-Aids, swabs, multi tool with knife, tweezers, sissors and safety pins- trust me we have used these things for splinters- cutting a leash, taking of things stuck in the fur and more!

Cost: $1.25 each

Link: Mini First Aid Kit- Dollar Tree

Cloth First Aid Tape

This sticky tape is good for a little of everything- Securing splints and bulky dressings, supporting wrists and fingers, general applications requiring strong holding power of gauze and even making labels!

Cost:$13 for 12 so  $1.10 each

Link: Cloth Tape- Amazon

Vet Wrap for Pet First Aid

Vet wrap  is a stretchy latex bandage to hold gauze pads and medication in place on the pets body.  It sticks to itself, and not on skin or hair which makes it easy to use. Vet wrap is not intended to remain on the pet for long, but enough for daily replacement.

Cost: 12 pack for $10 each. Only 83 cents each! 

Link: Vet Wrap Amazon

Gauze Pads

Cost: $1.25 for 10 so 13 cents each!

Link: Gauze Pads Individually Wrapped Dollar Tree



Disposable gloves help to protect against the transmission of bacteria and keeping the area as sterile as possible. They also are nice so you don’t have to touch gross stuff! Can also be tied as a tourniquet in an emergency!

$10 for 100 so 10 cents each!

Link: Disposable Gloves

Pet Dog Collapsible Bowl

Besides the obvious of being able to offer food or water- it can also be good for soaking a paw would or making a soap and water mix to wash wounds!

Cost: $16 for 6 so $1.7 each!

Link: Collapsible Bowl


Lockable Carabiner

LIFE.SAVER. LITERALLY. It can be connected to a leash and then another object to keep a pet in place when administering care. Close and lock cages for the escape artist, temporary fix of a leash… the list goes on!

Cost: $11 for 10- so $1.10 each

Link:Lockable Carabiner

Pet Lube

Yes, yes, I KNOW  ( INSERT GIGGLES HERE ) but really. This:

  • Removes stuck on things from skin and fur
  • Taking a rectal temperature
  • Help remove tampon stuck in the bum of a dog ( yes, that literally happened! Consult a Veterinarian)

Cost $15 for 144 so 10 cents each!

Link: Amazon Lubricating Jelly

Pet Nail Clippers

We don’t offer grooming/nail care services but we have had pets get nails stuck in carpet pieces, toys, etc . This required us to get them released. So, in comes cheap nail clippers. I wont lie- you can get some at the Dollar store for $1.25 but they will rust within a year. They do the job though in an emergency + just replace as needed for the low cost. Wire cutters can also do in a pinch. Personally- if you can swing it buy by a Millers Forge Orange handle- large size- for around $11 and they will last you a LIFETIME.

Cost: $1.25

Link: Dollar Tree Nail Clippers

Upgrade Option: $11 Miller Forge Nail Clippers

Alright, that’s the list!  So to make over 10+ containers you would spend about $100 or around $10 each for a custom Pet First Aid Kit!

All of our Employees at Atta Boy! Animal Care also have this exact kit when taking care of pets, dog walks and on dog hikes.

What is something you have in your Pet First Aid Kit that we missed?


Amber Van Denzen Suarez is the Founder of Atta Boy! Animal Care, dually certified Professional Pet Sitter, retired Veterinary Nurse of 13 years and hold a Bachelors Degree in Animal Sciences. She lives with her 2 dogs, 9 chickens, 3 fish aquariums, 2 hermit crabs with her human family in Lakeland, Florida

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