10 Things that (CAN) Shorten you Pets Life

September 23, 2020
Amber Van Denzen

10 Things That (can) Shorten Your Pets Life

10 things that could be shortening your pets life!:

1.Using toxic herbicides like Roundup contain chemicals to kill insects can be very toxic to pets if they come in contact with them prior to them drying, or after the get re-wet by rain! Your pets walk on your lawn, or your neighbors lawn where these products are used, followed by licking their feet when cleaning up or grooming. Pets can also commonly eat the grass treated with chemicals that are not good for them.

2. Buying poor quality foods that do not have good quality control and lead to toxins, and containment that can cause anything from an expensive diarrhea bill at the veterinary office to death from toxicity or metal containment.

3. Feeding treats that may have originated in China. The pet food industry in China has very lax standards and allows distributors, and farmers to use pesticides that are illegal to use in the States. These pesticides are linked to cancer and kidney failure in many pets throughout the years.

4.The Use of Bad Flea + Tick Medications. Many over-the-counter flea + tick medications are not regulated compared to ones purchased from a Veterinarian. This can lead to the main ingredient either being MORE or LESS then what is listed on the product which can either cause 1. Your pet to get a TOXIC dose of medication which can lead to death or 2. Your pet not getting enough and then getting parasites which can lead to other disease such as Lyme Disease, etc. Purchase your flea+ tick medications from a Veterinary PROFESSIONAL.

5.By NOT giving Heartworm preventative all year round. Heartworms are transmitted by MOSQUITOES. In the State of Florida- we ALWAYS have mosquito-so thus your dog, or even cat should be on a heartworm prevention. Indoors only? Mosquito still fly into the house when you open your door to come in. Heartworms LIVE IN YOUR PETS HEART and can cause death if transmitted or left untreated.

6.Toxins in kitty litter. Some cat litters can have a variety of issues- very powdery kinds can cause upper respiratory inflammation and issues. Many mass market litters contain amounts of silica dust which has been linked to upper respiratory issues in cats and even humans. Likewise, the chemical fragrances in many cat litters can also be toxic to cats and humans. Silica gel, which may be carcinogenic-may contribute to respiratory disease and asthma. You may want to consider a wood kind (Feline Pine or Horse Stall Pine Pellets), Wheat or Yesterdays News (paper based).

7. Skipping the annual or semi-annual examinations by your veterinarian. A complete physical examination can give you early warning for impending diseases or age related difficulties. Pets 7 years or older are considered GERIATRIC SENIORS and every 6 month visits are HIGHLY recommended as pets body deteriorates much quicker after that.

8. Not doing dental care for your pet.Dental disease is present in over 80% of dogs and cats and can lead to infection, heart disease and kidney disease. An easy way to improve your pet’s dental health is to brush their teeth with a pet approved toothpaste ( AMAZON or Pet Store) and a human or pet toothbrush. There are also water additives that have a anti-microbial based ingredient that is like giving your pets mouthwash every time they drink. Pets also need DENTAL CLEANINGS- performed by a Veterinary Nurse or Veterinarian. There are also options for Anesthesia – Free dentals for pets that have less dental problems.

9. Saying NO to annual blood tests that tell you what is going on inside your pet. Doing annual or twice a year FULL PANEL bloodwork can give you and your Veterinarian lots of information to help your pets now and in the long run. Early indications of elevations of markers for liver, thyroid and kidney disease give you the opportunity to be pro-active with specialty diet and supplement choices to cure the problem before it becomes life-threatening.

10. Forgetting to clean the water bowl or fountain. Pets like FRESH water. Ideally water bowls should be replaced every 24-48 hours ideally. Dirt, Dust, old food, bacteria and more get into the water and make the water taste stale which makes them NOT WANT TO DRINK, thus leading to chronic dehydration. Also, we want to consider Florida water, shoot Polk county water. It is HARD which means contains many minerals that can cause urinary crystal or bladder stones for pets that are predisposed of it, or just cannot handle it. We HIGHLY recommend if possible using filtered water, osmosis water or something to that caliber, especially for our cat clients to avoid potentially any long term health issues.

Keep being Great pet parents and remember “Happy Pets, Happy People!”

– Amber V. , CPPS, Veterinary Technician

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